It was literally one of the greatest times ever.

NOTE: To see our interview with Elizabeth who plays Mary Magdelene, click here, or scroll down below.

Over Easter, the new VidAngel TV show, The Chosen, premiered online. The biblical series follows the lives of your favorite biblical characters, in a real, relatable fashion.

Basically, you’re seeing yourself in Jesus’ disciples, so that way, they’re more than just these great people we read about, but real-life humans; flaws, worries and all.

The multi-episode series was entirely crowd-funded, and in fact, was the #1 crowd funded show ever.

The Chosen was created and directed by Dallas Jenkins, the son of Left Behind co-author, Jerry B. Jenkins.

I had the opportunity to visit the show’s set, interview the actors (and later Dallas) and take you behind-the-scenes of the action!

Watch below!

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