Jesus’ Death: A Quick Crucifixion Doesn’t Mean Myth

Jesus’ Death: A Quick Crucifixion Doesn’t Mean Myth

The resurrection of Jesus is pretty miraculous. Ok, it’s seriously miraculous. But in order for Christ to have been resurrected, he had to die. There are those who believe that he did not die, and give his speedy death as a reason.

Jesus’ death on the cross happened very quickly. This is because those who died by crucifixion usually suffered through a slow death, because “of their pain, exposure to the environment, and lack of food and water,” according to Christian apologist J. Warner Wallace of Cold Case Christianity.

Mr. Wallace lists multiple reasons why Jesus died so suddenly, and to show why it wasn’t unusual. In the end, it really comes down to common sense; he was severely abused before his crucifixion, thus making him in the worst shape possible ahead of his hanging on the cross.

  • Jesus was hit by an officer when he faced the high priest. (John 18:21-22)
  • He was spit on and beaten when he claimed to be God. (Mark 14:65)
  • A crown made of thorns was put on his head, and he was “beaten” with reeds, to make fun of his claim that He was the King of the Jews. (Matthew 27:30)
  • He was severely beaten with whips, that contained pieces of glass, broken bones and/or stones. (John 18: 38-40) (check)
  • And even after all this, he was still forced to carry his own, extremely heavy, cross. At one point, it became too much to bear, and Simon the Cyrene was called to help him. (Matthew 27:32) If any of us was forced to endure that, would be even be alive to carry the cross at all?
  • And when he finally did make it to the cross, he was of course, nailed to it via his hands and feet.

Mr. Wallace sums it up perfectly.

“Anyone beaten as badly as Jesus in the hours prior to his crucifixion would surely have suffered circulatory shock and heart failure in a short period of time on the cross.”

Thus, there’s no question as to why Jesus died so suddenly. He endured all the inhumane and barbaric pain, suffered and was murdered, because of his love for you and me.

And that makes for a truly Happy Easter.

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