The Chosen’s Elizabeth Tabish Says Her Faith in God Dramatically Changed Since Landing Role

The Chosen’s Elizabeth Tabish Says Her Faith in God Dramatically Changed Since Landing Role

Just because we don’t see God, doesn’t mean he isn’t there.

That simple, often viewed as cliche statement was something proved very real to The Chosen’s Elizabeth Tabish.

The star, who said she at one point lived on her mother’s couch and told her agent to stop submitting her for roles, would end being cast as a lead on the series that would make her a household name.

Earlier in the week, Elizabeth attended The Chosen’s Atlanta season 3 premiere, and was now back in her own home to speak with me, as I wrapped up my time at another Angel Studios-produced event.

“I was about to quit acting right before I got this role,” she said.

“I think just like everything was completely different. When I auditioned, I was living with my mom. I was completely broke. I was driving kind of a beat-up car and struggling so hard. Like really I was planning on doing a different career, because acting wasn’t working out…”

The actress, who was living in Austin at the time, realized the hand that God had on her through all her moments.

“My faith has changed. My faith in humanity has changed. My faith in God has dramatically changed. I was so used to things not going well, and I had realized that in some of those darker and sadder place, God was still with me and using that.

..I had to go through some of that in order to even understand this role. So it’s blown my mind that at no point was I alone, even though I felt like I was. And I look back now and [see] ‘Oh, this is, this is so well planned. And who else could plan it, you know? It’s got God’s touch on it. “

Since the show, not only has Elizabeth’s financial status changed, but her relationship status changed as well. She is now married to husband Stan Mayer who, according to his social media, is a playwright who served in the Marines.

“And here we are now,” began Elizabeth. “These three seasons later, I I feel like, like I have opened my heart to real love, I got married, we moved into a house together, like just all these things I got so used to not expecting in my life and not even really hoping for, just thinking it was impossible. I had I think, low expectations of what life has to offer…”

To find out how Elizabeth knew her husband was ‘the one,’ you’ll have to watch our interview above! (It’s the first video, FYI.)

BTW, Elizabeth’s co-star Amber Williams is also newly married, and she shared her love story as well! Watch her story here.

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