Sadie Robertson Reminds Girls That Who They Date Matters

Sadie Robertson Reminds Girls That Who They Date Matters

Most young girls dream of their first boyfriend, or imagine their wedding day to the popular football star.

But popularity and good looks won’t keep a relationship. And more often than not, most girls are dreaming of their wedding day, not waking up to the reality of the actual marriage.

In a recent post on Instagram, the Whoa That’s Good podcast host got real with her female followers, as she shared an image from her engagement to husband Christian Huff.

“There are things to consider as you question who will be the man you commit to spending your life with. many many things to consider. but one I want to remind you of now as you’re single or in the evaluating process of who you are dating is this… who you marry will one day be the father of your children.”

The 23-year-old, who’s expecting her first child in May, was spot on.

So, let’s take a deeper look into her message, with the video below!

Brittany Valadez
Brittany Valadez

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