May 1 is literally one of the busiest days of her life so far!

Sadie Robertson took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday to make three big announcements. And if you’re a dedicated fan, you’ve already signed up -literally- for the first one.

The 21-year-old, who’s the force behind the Live Original tour, podcast and blog, created a new community for women, aka Lo Fam. The community aims to help “champion women to live out their purpose” through “prayer, support and encouragement.

The subscription service, which will also feature audio and video messages from Sadie, is $9.99 a month, and fans can test the waters for the first week completely free.

But Sadie, who moved from Duck Dynasty star to a lifestyle brand, also announced that her new book is due today. No, it’s not out yet; she probably had to hand it over to the editors. But…. it means we’re getting a new book, so we’re super, super happy!

Lastly…the star revealed that today is move day for her! Wonder where she’s calling home next?

Stay tuned!

BTW, To see a slideshow of all the love between Sadie and Christian Huff…click here!

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