Riley Clemmons Wants You to Experience “Healing” With New Song

Riley Clemmons Wants You to Experience “Healing” With New Song

Whether it’s a breakup, loss of a loved one or any other feeling of pain, we want to be healed.

The beautiful Riley Clemmons debuted a new track on Friday, perfectly titled, “Healing.”

The 20-year-old singer displayed her vocal and musical talents in the video for her song, which was set at a beach.

The upbeat ballad surely inspires anyone who’s been left heartbroken after a loss, and gives hope that healing (no matter how long) does come.


Saw the end of the tunnel

Didn’t think that I could make it out Got so used to the dark

I was scared of what the light would do now  

I couldn’t piece me back together with some bandaids and a roll of tape

And sittin ‘round wishing it all away Believing there was something better, better, just took a leap of faith  

Now I’m healing

Now I’m healing

I’m here unashamed

I found strength through the pain

What was broken is standing again

And I’m healing

Now I’m healing  

Gave myself some grace

And my soul began to feel the change

I let love flood my heart Like the sun upon a tear-stained face

I’m slowly learning to be grateful  

Found some purpose in all the hurt now I’m rediscovering what I’m worth

Just takes one step to turn the tables, but I had to take it first   

I keep getting stronger

Won’t stay down no longer

Starting to breathe again

Learn to believe again

Brittany Valadez
Brittany Valadez

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