Pureflix Founder David A.R.White and Wife Andrea Decide to End Marriage

Pureflix Founder David A.R.White and Wife Andrea Decide to End Marriage

They are the powerful force behind countless classic Christian films, and Pureflix, the faith-based streaming service.

On Friday, David. A.R. White took to social media to announce that he and wife Andrea Logan-White are ending their marriage, a decision that, according to Andrea, happened “years ago.”

Brittany Valadez
Brittany Valadez

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  1. Bonita
    February 17, 2021 / 4:55 am

    I don’t know them and their situation, but they are obviously making a concious decision to divorce and, scripturally speaking, unless there is adultery involved, I just don’t understand it. God can do the impossible…Hes not dead, but He can’t heal your marriage?? I don’t think that’s God’s choice. That’s all I’ll say, except that I hate it for them gnd their kids and I hate the testimony it presents to a broken world.

    • Jane Gardina
      February 21, 2021 / 9:57 am

      I agree. My husband and I divorced years ago. I thought we were raising our children in a good way but now that they are adults with families of their own, I can see it was a huge mistake! Marriages go through hard times but if you can hold it together, you will be much happier in years to come.
      Today, I live alone with my guard dog. My oldest daughter cares for me but unfortunately my other five children are too busy to visit me. They text they love me and send me flowers and gifts on holidays but that’s about it. They are all highly successful so I am very proud of them but I can’t help but think, if their father and I had stayed together, I would be seeing all of my grandchildren more often. Out of 20 grandchildren, only 3 visit me on a regular basis. Mend the fence and keep it together if at all possible.

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