Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff Are the Cutest Couple Ever: Photo Evidence

Sadie Robertson and Christian Huff Are the Cutest Couple Ever: Photo Evidence

Sadie Robertson got engaged to boyfriend Christian Huff after dating for around nine months, and we can’t get enough of their love! The motivational speaker, author, actress, LO Fam founder and former Duck Dynasty star has it all, including a great guy. Check out some of the couple’s cutest moments below! BTW…we’re new, and we’d love for you to subscribe to us on Youtube, for more entertainment news, from a Christian perspective! <3

1.Making it Official on Valentine’s Day

While the couple did not began dating on the romantic holiday (they started dating in the summer of 2018) Sadie made it Instagram official on V-Day, because…obviously.

2. Because When A Guy Writes A Public Message Like This…He’s Obviously Just That Into You

Triple points for the cute nickname,”Butta half,” plus popcorn emoji….

3. When He Notices the Little Things About Her

This is a biggie. That means he’s reallllllly paying close attention, and we girls notice that.

4. When He Comes on the Family Vacation

That’s a good sign Christian fits right in. If your parents like him, that’s a GREAT sign. Plus, they both got to experience a great memory, while having accountability!

5. He Looks Into Her Eyes For A Picture and Held Her Close

Sooo cute. Why? Because it looks so natural, and he obviously enjoys her company.

6. He’s In With Her Friends, Too

This is also important. If you have a good set of godly friends, they can tell a person’s character. They’ll immediately know if your guy’s a keeper. Seems like Christian fits right in!

7. He Makes Silly Faces for Their Selfies

A girl can’t resist a guy who’s relaxed, playful and willing to let loose when they’re together! Best friends, plus strong attraction, make for the perfect couple!

8. When Her Guy is So Great, She Marks Their Anniversary With a Cute Post

When a girl writes an essay over all of the amazing things she loves her guy for, you know she’s head-over-heels! More importantly, the fact that she has so much positive to write about, show’s just how godly and good of a guy he is!

9. When He Posts A Photo Where She’s the Star

He’ know’s he has a queen on his arm. So naturally, he’s gonna show her off, and let her grab all the attention. All eyes on her!

10. When He Uses a Sweet Name Straight Out of the ‘1950s

We’re not sure what decade “honey” is from, but most guys nowadays aren’t calling their girlfriend that. And that’s WHY we love it. “Babe” and “bae” are common, but old school words somehow mean a little bit more. Kinda like when a guy calls you, versus texts you. Like that.

11. When He Matches With You

This isn’t always a girl thing. But if a guy is willing to match with you, he likes you. As basic as that sounds, it’s true.

12. When He Makes Silly Kissey Faces

He’s comfortable with you and has no problem being silly. Keeper!

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