Oversize Sweaters and Bra Tops: What’s Your Fashion Saying?

Oversize Sweaters and Bra Tops: What’s Your Fashion Saying?

99% of the female population is obsessed with fashion. That’s an unprovable – but clearly common sense – fact.

We see fashion as a way to express ourself, our feelings and emotions, or…we just want to look like a certain celeb we’re obsessed with at the moment.

We also get this little kick of confidence when we look in the mirror, and like what we see. And that’s ok. (Obviously, we’re not referring to arrogance here. That’s another topic for another article.)

We all have different reasons why we chose that particular outfit that particular day. We could’ve just liked it, we wanted to impress a guy, our favorite Youtuber owns it, or it was the only thing that fit.

Sometimes, an outfit can express what’s going on inside you. Maybe your not feeling your best, and your wardrobe is nothing but oversize sweaters and leggings…for summer. Or, maybe you’re trying to get your ex back (or that hot guy to notice you), so you’re pulling out the tiniest clothing possible.

Whatever the reason, we’re sending a message, whether that was our intention or not.

If you notice a certain pattern with what you’ve been wearing lately, it’s time to examine your heart. Be honest with yourself. Speak to others. Ask those whom you know very well, particularly those who will give you godly advice, what message you’re sending with what your wearing. Oftentimes, others can give us valuable advice and encouragement that is just what need at that moment.

Oversize clothing could hint at a body weight insecurity, a family issue at home or bodily harm. On the other hand, a wardrobe filled with tiny and tight clothing could be a struggle with wanting to feel attractive, which is not necessarily an arrogance issue. Everyone wants to look and feel great! Hiding only keeps us down by shutting out the world, while exposing inviting everyone in, even those we don’t particularly want. 

We have to remember that it’s God we want to honor with our bodies. He gave them to us, and we need to find the balance between hiding and exposing. 

It’s possible, I promise. 

Brittany Valadez
Brittany Valadez

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