Morgan Harper Nichols is Using Your Stories to Encourage You (and Others)

Morgan Harper Nichols is Using Your Stories to Encourage You (and Others)

She is the definition of what a true artist should be.

You absolutely know the name of Morgan Harper Nichols, especially if you’re one of her over half a million followers on Instagram, of if you have a Pinterest account.

The Los Angeles native (and devout Christian) began her career as a singer-songwriter, and has taken her ability to write to a whole new level.

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Lately, I have been receiving some messages about some of the topics I write being a bit too passive, or not really encouraging people to move forward or aim high enough. I do believe these messages come from well-meaning places, and I also believe context is important. I don’t share the stories of the people I wrote for but I do want to share this: Many of the stories I write for are not for people who are on the other side of suffering, but are right in the middle of it. Sometimes, I rely on nature metaphors instead of telling someone to actually go outside because this person submitted their story from a hospital bed. I write “things will never be the same” because they unexpectedly lost a loved one a few days ago. I write “it’s not your fault” because this person is a victim who was made to feel like it was their fault. I write “take the time you need” for the one sitting with a friend in hospice care. I write “endless boundless grace” because they did not go into detail, but wanted to be reminded grace was real in their life. I share this as a reminder: there’s always something beneath the surface, a story and reason “why” for everything. I do this because I love to write and connect with others, and I have always been inspired by stories, and daily, this project humbles me. I used to try to write for everyone and every situation all at once, but now, I focus on writing for one person at a time. I’m not a counselor, and I am also writing for people whom I do not know personally, so I choose to be extra delicate with the words I share with them. So if there’s ever a time where these words seem repetitive, passive or not encouraging enough to move forward, it’s not because I don’t believe in progressing, it’s because I‘m writing for that present moment, with the little information I have. I never know the whole story or what the exact solution is for what they’re going through, but I do believe it is possible to speak truth, with grace. To say what you mean, in a considerate way. I don’t have this figured all out, and I‘m always open to being challenged because it helps me grow. I just wanted to share this to give a little insight (cont'd below)

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The mother-of-one (she’s expecting a boy later this year) writes her content based on the stories of others.

Morgan asks her followers to send her their stories via Instagram DM or on her website, and she creates encouraging masterpieces on an iPad pro.

Morgan, who’s younger sister Jamie Grace Harper Collins is also a name you know, recently appeared in Forbes magazine to talk about her career success.

“I’m connecting to part of their story that also connects to my story in some way. People want to be affirmed that they are making progress and that they are growing, and how many times have I known that In my own life?

It’s definitely the best metaphor is that it’s a mirror, it’s a practice of mirroring other people. When you take the time to really listen to someone’s story, you’ll start to see that there’s something in there that you also connect with.”

She’s nothing short of inspiring, and a strong woman of God. She is the very definition of what it means to be a great role model!

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