Morgan Harper Nichols is Using Your Stories to Encourage You (and Others)

Morgan Harper Nichols is Using Your Stories to Encourage You (and Others)

She is the definition of what a true artist should be.

You absolutely know the name of Morgan Harper Nichols, especially if you’re one of her over half a million followers on Instagram, of if you have a Pinterest account.

The Los Angeles native (and devout Christian) began her career as a singer-songwriter, and has taken her ability to write to a whole new level.

The mother-of-one (she’s expecting a boy later this year) writes her content based on the stories of others.

Morgan asks her followers to send her their stories via Instagram DM or on her website, and she creates encouraging masterpieces on an iPad pro.

Morgan, who’s younger sister Jamie Grace Harper Collins is also a name you know, recently appeared in Forbes magazine to talk about her career success.

“I’m connecting to part of their story that also connects to my story in some way. People want to be affirmed that they are making progress and that they are growing, and how many times have I known that In my own life?

It’s definitely the best metaphor is that it’s a mirror, it’s a practice of mirroring other people. When you take the time to really listen to someone’s story, you’ll start to see that there’s something in there that you also connect with.”

She’s nothing short of inspiring, and a strong woman of God. She is the very definition of what it means to be a great role model!

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