Michael Tait Shares Major #TB with Toby Mac and Kevin Max From Their DC Talk Days

Michael Tait Shares Major #TB with Toby Mac and Kevin Max From Their DC Talk Days

Before he became lead singer of their “competition,” he was famously part of DC Talk.

Newsboys lead singer Michael Tait, took to Instagram earlier this week to share a major throwback of himself alongside former band mates, Tobymac and Kevin Max.

“Tha All-Time Classic “Reversed” Oreo! We’ve Been at this Music Thang Fo a GoooD Minute People! Buuuuut this is where it ALLL Started! #MADDRESPECT #DCTALK4EVER,” wrote Michael.

Michael, Toby and Kevin hit mega fame in the early ’90s, when Liberty University students Michael and Toby joined forces with fellow college kid Kevin.

Popular songs from the trio include “Jesus Freak,” “What If I Stumble,” “In the Light,” “Colored People,” “Jesus is Still Alright,” “Consume Me,” and more.

The trio eventually went on hiatus in 2000, and Toby would become the solo namesake he is today. Like Toby, Kevin also pursued a solo career. Michael eventually joined forces with popular Christian band, Newsboys, taking over for former lead singer Peter Furler, who is the cousin of Sia.

The trio have since reunited for special projects, and are reportedly set to tour this year.

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