Kolby Koloff Says to Avoid Guys With Cross Tattoos Unless…

Kolby Koloff Says to Avoid Guys With Cross Tattoos Unless…

She rose to fame on the Lifetime reality series, Preachers’ Daughters.

During a Q&A on her Youtube channel, a fan wrote in and asked blogger Kolby Koloff, 23, for practical Christian dating advice.

“…My advice would be don’t chase after somebody who has a tattoo of a cross, but doesn’t actually bow down and surrender to the cross,” she said, for part of it.

While dating a person with tattoos is debatable depending on who you ask, Kolby brought up a good point.

As believers, we want to date a person who is truly on fire for God in their heart, and not just says they’re a Christian in name only. Actions are the evidence behind a person’s faith. Anyone can say anything. But it’s what they do that separates the wheat (true believers) from the tares (fake believers), according to Matthew 13:36-43. GotQuestions.org.

The North Carolina native, who has been open about her decision to remain abstinent until marriage, was later asked if she was a Christian because she was raised in a Christian home, or if she made the decision on her own.

Kolby admitted that being raised in a believing home set the foundation, but she “sought after” Christ by her own doing.

“There’s a saying…, ‘God doesn’t have grandchildren’, so it’s like, you’re not a Christian just because your parents are.”

And she’s right. No one can have a relationship with Jesus by their parent’s doing, or join God in Heaven because someone else in their family has a relationship with Him.

That’s a choice we have to make on our own. And obviously, God’s the right choice.

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