KJ Apa Makes His Debut as Jeremy Camp in “I Still Believe”

KJ Apa Makes His Debut as Jeremy Camp in “I Still Believe”

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Archie Andrews ditched the red hair and moved out of Riverdale…for now.

(Watch the official trailer, here. )

KJ Apa, 21, took to Instagram to debut his look as Jeremy Camp in the Christian singer’s biopic, I Still Believe.

The actor is currently in Alabama shooting for the film, and recently shot a concert scene at the Hangout Music Festival in Guff Shores.

The biopic tells the true story of Jeremy and his first wife, Melissa, who passed away from cancer in 2001.

Jeremy Camp and KJ Apa pose side-by-side together, as KJ will play the start in Jeremy’s upcoming biopic.
KJ Apa as Jeremy Camp in I Still Believe.

The New Zealand-born star caused quite a stir with the crowd, because ummm…he’s REALLY FAMOUS and SUPER CUTE.

Of course, fans had their phones out to capture KJ in action, but he kindly asked them to put them away.


Well, the film’s set in the 90s, and they didn’t have those kinds of cell phones back then. Watch below, and make sure to check out I Still Believe, when it hits theaters on 3/20/20.

To be a part of the film, click here. To find out who’s been cast so far, click here.

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