Karen Kingsbury Recalls Moment She Cried Out to God During Difficult Time in her Career

Karen Kingsbury Recalls Moment She Cried Out to God During Difficult Time in her Career

She may be a New York Times & USA Today best-selling author and household name, but Karen Kingsbury had low moments that had her on her knees in prayer.

While at a press junket for her book-turned-TV series, the Nashville resident recalled two moments in her writing career that saw her come humbly before the Lord in prayer.

Karen, who previously worked as a journalist for the LA Times, had written crime novels that showed her great success. Yet, it wasn’t where she saw her career going.

“It wasn’t what I wanted to do, and I was able to be home with our kids, which was a blessing and an answer to prayer, but not the kind of story I wanted to continue to turn out.

Ao I wrote my first novel on spec. I didn’t have a contract, and that was called, Where Yesterday Lives, and it’s still available. And I love that book. And I took me, you know, I spent a few months writing it and I had to get some babysitter to come and help me with the kids at home. And then I got a year of rejections because everyone saw me as a crime writer and nobody saw me as writing these inspirational stories.

And I remember getting on my knees and just asking the Lord to blessed, but also being confident that this was the story he wanted me to tell. Whether or not I was the only reader. “

Yet Karen had to continue to rely on God, because things still weren’t turning out how she had hoped.

“Because even the next when I finally got a contract, the first six novels, we were I mean, we were broke.
Like we did not they weren’t they were doing well. They would run out of them at the store, but they just didn’t print enough. And it was just we couldn’t keep up with the readers. So I remember having a little moment like six books and going back to waitressing or what do I what am I supposed to do to help my family here?”

But it’s often at our very lowest moments, where Christ shows us what he’s been doing the whole time. He needs us to rely on Him, and he, as it says in Romans 8:28, “works all things out for the good of those who love Him.”

“And God just opened the floodgates at that point. So you write the story or you act the part. You do the thing that God wants you to do that you’re loving and that you feel is the dream and the calling he has on your life. He’ll do the rest.”

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