Rocking Summer’s Tropical Print Without Feeling Choked by a Palm Tree

Rocking Summer’s Tropical Print Without Feeling Choked by a Palm Tree

If traveling to a remote island this summer isn’t in the budget for you, bring the tropics to you!

Tropical print is one of summer’s biggest trends, but because of its bold patterns and prints, it can be overwhelming too.

If you’re nervous to try it (but want to) or think you’ll pass because it’s too much for you, take a look below to see if we can inspire you to go for it!

1.A Simple Headbank or Necktie

If you just want to test the waters extra minimally, then a headband or necktie is the perfect place to start. The head band obviously goes on your head, but a necktie can too! Wrap it around ponytail, make your own headband with it, or just wear it around your neck. You’re now a part of the trend!

1.Tank Top

Tank tops are a way to cool off in the heat. Combine that with a fun, tropical print, and you’ve got yourself the summer staple. A good way to tone down the pattern is to wear the print in neutral or subtle shades. It will blend perfectly into your wardrobe.

2. Short-Sleeve Tie Top

This top gives the effortless mood you’re going for, yet can still be appropriate for work if paired with white or cream pants, slacks or a flowy skirt.

3.Tropical Print Shorts

A slightly dressier bottom with a breathable fabric can add elegance to your relaxed summer wardrobe. Choosing a pair in a classic color palette will make your outfit timeless. Look forward to bringing them back every summer!

4.A Flowy Skirt

If you’re not sure about a tropic print top, what about a flowy skirt? Balance it out with a neutral top. That way, you’ll still look classic, even with the bright pattern on the bottom.

5.Off-the-Shoulder Dress

You might think that a dress is too much, but a short sleeve, off-the-shoulder version is just the right amount of feminine island vibes, without going all-in. Pair it with solid accessories, such as these gold earrings, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

6.Full Dress or Jumpsuit

If you’ve come this far, you might as well wear a full-length dress or jumpsuit! But remember to pair it with solid accessories, because the dress is already making a bold statement.

7.Anything Neutral

At the end of the day, you can wear any of the above trends in a classic or neutral color palette. You won’t will overpowered. We’ve included a few ideas below to help inspire you.

Most importantly, remember to have fun…and live up this print for the next few months while you can!

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