What A Guy Will Do When He Really Likes You

What A Guy Will Do When He Really Likes You

Sure, you can read the “10 Signs Your Crush Likes You” articles…but there’s really only one thing you need to know.

Take a moment to picture that one guy (or guys) who you were absolutely not interested in, but were 1000% interested in you.

How did you know?

Did you have mind-reading capabilities? Perhaps you were just an excellent guesser.


The answer was simple; you knew because those guys made it SO OBVIOUS. In fact, I’m going to guess that most guys you weren’t interested in flat out told you that they liked you. And if they weren’t the in-your-face, holla-at-ya-boi type, they were the shy guy who stared at you from afar, All. Day. Long. And his friend told you about his crush.

But the point is, you knew. Without a doubt.

Still you wondered, “How come all the guys I have no interest in, have all the courage in the world to tell me that they like me or ask me out, but the guys I like, don’t?”

The answer to both is simple: whenever a guy likes you, he will make it known. It doesn’t matter if he’s a guy you’re not interested in, or a guy that you’re majorly crushing on. He. Will. Make. It. Known.

At the very beginning of course, he’ll poke around to get to know you better, or to see if he has a chance. Regardless, if a guy is interested (most likely whether or not he has a chance), he will absolutely show and tell you that he likes you.

The Bible says that faith can move mountains, and nothing’s proved truer than a guy who will move mountains to get the girl of his dreams, because he has faith that she’ll want him. (I’m joking, obviously. Sort of. But in all seriousness, he’ll move mountains for the one he likes!)

Never forget that a quality guy who is interested in you, will do the chasing. He will ask you out. He will let you know his intentions. When a good, godly guy truly cares for a girl, he will want to show her how much he values her, and won’t play games to leave her guessing. Why? Because he’s zeroed in on her as the one he’s all about, and he’s treading carefully with her heart.

On the same note, expect a decent amount of time to pass before that quality guy tells you he likes you or asks you out. This can be several weeks to a few months. A good guy will want to build a solid friendship first, before he takes it to the next level. You’ll still continue to get to know each other during the dating stage, which will serve both of you well.

Remember girls; at the end of the day, you can never force a guy to like you. And anything that is attempted force will not last. (It’s also creepy. You never want to be labeled as a stalker or a fan girl.)

Focus on your relationship with God, your character, your heart, your own activities and yes, your physical appearance.

And the right man who’s also doing all of the above, will no doubt take notice.

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Brittany Valadez
Brittany Valadez

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