Hollyn Says Goodbye to a “Toxic” Ex in New Single, “I Feel Bad For You”

Hollyn Says Goodbye to a “Toxic” Ex in New Single, “I Feel Bad For You”

She penned lyrics that any girl can relate to.

On Friday, Hollyn, 22, released her new single, “I Feel Bad For You,” that has females everywhere cheering.

The former American Idol contestant, who’s happily married to husband Dillon Scott Wilson, is moving on from a “toxic” ex in her latest, well-produced song. The track tells of a girl who’s moved on from her “crazy” ex, yet he’s doing everything in his power to get her back .

“I Feel Bad For You” was co-written by producer Cole Walowac, formerly of the musical duo, Capital Kings.

On her website, the Waverly, Ohio native reflected on some of her lowest moments, and recalled the encouragement she received through it. But when she thought of the girls with no one to turn to, that’s when her heart broke.

So this record’s for them.

“By sharing my story, my grief, my abandonment, my freedom, my thoughts, my emotions… that might just bring her [girls] that sense of comfort she’s been waiting for. Because, you see, we are not alive to fix people’s problems, but to empower and love alongside them in the way they should go.”

bye, sad girl. is a deep part of my story. The project is told over the course of six songs, woven together, to portray the emotions of what it looks like to have a broken heart.

As the story unfolds, it doesn’t end with grief, but shows the beginning of joy. The lyrics paint the picture of embracing the death of something, and in the letting go, finding yourself again. I hope this piece of my heart inspires you to look inside yourself, know you’re loved for who you are in this moment, and empowers you to share your story. The world needs to hear your heart.”

Hollyn is signed to TobyMac’s label, Gotee Records, and her six-song EP, bye, sad girl., is set for release on September 6.

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  1. October 24, 2019 / 7:53 pm

    I can’t believe the news about TobyMac’s son! Did you hear about that? It’s just so sad. What a talented young man. It’s such a shame.

    • Brittany Valadez
      November 1, 2019 / 7:20 pm

      Yes, I still can’t believe it either. We did a story on it on our site. Absolutely praying for him and his family!

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