Addressing the Christian Doubts of Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard w/ Clay Jones (VIDEO)

Addressing the Christian Doubts of Hawk Nelson’s Jon Steingard w/ Clay Jones (VIDEO)

The leader of one of my favorite Christian bands came out as agnostic, and I understood.

What??! But Brittany, you’re a Christian!

Yes I am. And I’d hope that I’m a strong one. But, like Jon, I grew up in a strong, Christian home, yet came to my own faith crisis.

For me personally, I have always been a believer. I knew it. I felt it. I wanted it.

But, when I left my life-long private school (followed by one year of homeschool) for a public school my junior year, the faith push back began.

I still strongly believed, but other people’s doubts crept in. And I was scared, because I didn’t know how to answer their questions. And I started to question things myself.

I had a crippling fear to ask the hard questions. Could I even ask them? Would there be answers? Would all I know turn out to be a lie?

I was fine for a few years, until around 2016. Then, the God’s Not Dead 2 movie came out, and I found out about these people called “Christian Apologists.”

What?!? I’ve been a Christian my whole life…how am I just now hearing about these people? Coulda saved me the “depression” I experienced in my soul all of these years!!

But that’s the problem…NO ONE was (and for the most part..still isn’t) talking about the evidence for Christianity in the churches.

So when Jon came out with his questions, I wanted to help! I’ve been Jon. Many people are Jon. In fact, one of the questions he brought up, I had just asked a few days before!

So, I sought help from Clay Jones, a professor of mine at Biola University. Clay specializes in understanding God & evil and death/afterlife. You see, after discovering these “Biblical investigative journalists” as I call them (I’m an entertainment journalist by you see my connection) I enrolled at Biola to investigate the evidence for Christianity.

Can’t begin to tell you how my time there has strenghtend my faith. It’s no longer “blind faith,”it’s now evidential. (Technically, it never was…I was just blind to the evidence).

So friends, Clay has happily answered every single one of Jon’s questions (plus a few bonus ones) in a series of 3 Youtube videos.


Oh by the way…if you have a question you’d like to find an answer to, please leave a comment here, on Youtube or via social media comments or DMs! Don’t be afraid to ask!

Also, if you want to find Clay, click below!


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