Godly Dating 101’s Tovares Grey: How I Went From a Church Boy to a Man of God

Godly Dating 101’s Tovares Grey: How I Went From a Church Boy to a Man of God

He, along with wife Safa, are the couple behind the famous social media brand, Godly Dating 101.

But before it was Godly Dating 101, it was Anointed Misfits, an account created almost 10 years ago in April by Tovares Grey and his brother. The ministry would highlight controversial subjects, and the guys would point out what the Bible said about said issue.

As his brother began posting less often due to his college schedule, when Tovares posted about dating and relationships, they received the most feedback.

Now, with 2.2 million followers on Facebook and 711K on Instagram, Godly Dating 101 has made a name for itself in the word of relationship advice, and not only because it was an original.

Tovares credits the success of the page to God, who he believes elevated it because of the honesty of it’s founder. You see, Tovares is a Christian man who jokes that in his early days, he “was in church more than God,” yet struggled so badly with lust.

In fact, it was his own struggle that was the driving force behind his posts. His content often preached to himself, as a person who knew the Word, yet struggled just like everyone else.

“It was never my goal to try to figure out ways to get money. I was just like, ‘Dude, I keep falling into lust. Um let me tell you how to not do what I was doing, you know? I keep dating the wrong girl. Let me tell you how to [not] do what I’m doing wrong.’ I just was trying to help people navigate those crazy seasons because we were never discussing it in church,” he said.

Tovares’ story is common among the men of the church. With today’s media access, it’s not hard to access pornagraphy online, yet because it’s so easily available, it’s not even viewed as pornogrpahy. Netflix, HBO Max and more show so, so much sexual content, that the viewer views what he/she is watching as no big deal.

To help out his fellow guys (and girls as well), in our chat, Tovares shared a few tips that, if put into action, will take a person from a simple seat-filler on Sunday to a sold-out soul for Christ.

Watch above to hear his love story, his thoughts on staying friends with an ex, his life from a church boy to a godly man, and his real-life tips on how to make that transition.


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