Ellen Degeneres Says What Christians Have Always Believed: VIDEO

Ellen Degeneres Says What Christians Have Always Believed: VIDEO

The liberal comedian faced backlash after she was seen sitting next to Christian conservative president, George W. Bush.

In today’s hostile, political climate, there are many who refuse to associate with those who hold different beliefs or think differently than they do.

As Christians, we are called to be like Jesus…and perfect Jesus literally came to associate with sin-filled humans. Talk about people of two different worlds coming together.

Well, Ellen addressed the controversy on her show, and I’m sharing my thoughts from a Christian perspective. Watch below!

Brittany Valadez
Brittany Valadez

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  1. Paul O'Hair
    October 1, 2020 / 2:34 am

    Hello, I guess this topic is difficult for me because I want to be like Christ. I had a father that was a pastor for several years and raised us with good christian values. Simple values like love God and love one another as you would love yourself. I believe that if I have an issue with myself then I am going to see fault in others also. I am working on this issue by having a relationship with Jesus. I live in the flesh and long to live in the Spirit each and everyday. I want to live in the Spirit like the Word tells me to but there lies the issue. My flesh wants to tell others that they are doing life wrong according to the Word of God while I am still living in the flesh and enjoying same earthly things, which is hypocrisy. The struggle is real. I don’t like the act of sexual immorality because I believe it is a separation from God. So my question is… Are we a good person …if we give to the women and orphans like the bible tells us? Or if we go against God’s principles and separate ourselves from Him by committing indecent acts but still give generously? The answer is simple to me. I love Ellen because she was made in God’s image but I will not consider her actions acceptable when it comes to her life style according to Gods Word. I would probably hang out with her because I like to laugh and she is a comedian but I would also share the Gospel with her.

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