Drew Brees Defends Himself After Hate-Filled Attack On His Character over LGBTQ Issue

Drew Brees Defends Himself After Hate-Filled Attack On His Character over LGBTQ Issue

He was simply encouraging kids to bring their Bibles to school. That’s it.

In another case of the mainstream, we-can’t-stand-Christians media attack, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees defended himself against ugly news articles attacking his character.

Focus on the Family, a prominent Christian organization that supports biblical views on marriage and the right to life for the unborn, produced a series of videos encouraging students to bring their Bibles to school, for national “Bring Your Bible to School” day.

The spin doctors of the mainstream media attacked the Christian football star, for supposedly aligning himself with an organization that is “homophobic” and is “anti-choice.”

In the world of mainstream media, if you don’t support homosexuality…no matter if you show kindness, love and compassion to those in the community, you must hate them and are a bigot.

Well, the definition of a bigot is this: a person who shows zero intolerance towards another with a different opinion. (Sounds like those in the mainstream media).

The definition of a homophobe is this: a person who does not like or is prejudice against homosexuals.

Since when is standing by the biblical definition of marriage, while showing love, grace and compassion to homosexuals, a homophobe?

Also note that “phobe” comes from “phobia,” which is a fear.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that Christians were afraid of homosexuals. I also wasn’t aware that standing by the biblical support of marriage was showing fear. In today’s always-offended society, it actually takes courage to stand by the Bible, knowing the world will attack you from all sides.

Oh, and we’ve all heard the accusations that Christian support conversion therapy. What do you mean by “conversion therapy?” Shock therapy, physically and mentally harmful and abusive behavior? Or the ability for an adult to seek assistance and advice from someone who understands or who has lived through what they are going through, and wants to walk along side them and lovingly help them along the way?

It’s obviously the second one, but that’s not what the media is gonna tell you, especially because it doesn’t fit their “born this way” narrative.

Waiting for the mainstream media to call out Islamic countries who punish homosexuals with death.

Hint: Still waiting…

It’s time to be honest friends, and call out the mainstream media for what they are; biased, one-sided bloggers who label themselves as fair journalists.

Unless you’re writing an opinion piece, that’s not real journalism. That’s a person with an opinion and a platform to bully others into keeping quiet, and shaping the narrative to make you believe what they want.

And “Christians” are falling for it left and right.

P.S. I LOVE Focus on the Family. My family has been supporters of the organization since I was little. I have visited the company, and I have written for their teen magazine, Brio. They are nothing but kind hearted people who want to see the lost come to Christ, and who do their best to help Christians steer through this fallen world. I stand by them, because they are doing what many will not.

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