Demi Lovato Filled a “God-Sized Hole” as She Gets Baptized in the Jordan River

Demi Lovato Filled a “God-Sized Hole” as She Gets Baptized in the Jordan River

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She’s being bold about her faith in Jesus!

Demi Lovato took to Instagram on Tuesday to let her followers know that she’s a Christian, and that she was baptized “in the same place Jesus was baptized;” the Jordan River.

The star, who has been open about her alleged drug, alcohol abuse and an eating disorder, says that she filled ‘a God-sized hole in my heart.”

The Give Your Heart A Break singer also visited the Jewish Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem.

“I am an American singer. I was raised Christian and have Jewish ancestors. When I was offered an amazing opportunity to visit the places I’d read about in the Bible growing up, I said yes. 
There is something absolutely magical about Israel.  I’ve never felt such a sense of spirituality or connection to God…something I’ve been missing for a few years now.  Spirituality is so important to me…to be baptized in the Jordan river – the same place Jesus was baptized – I’ve never felt more renewed in my life. 
This trip has been so important for my well-being, my heart, and my soul.  I’m grateful for the memories made and the opportunity to be able to fill the God-sized hole in my heart. Thank you for having me, Israel 💗”

The singer unfortunately had to disable the comment section, most likely to block out anti-faith trolls, or those who do not support Israel. (This is sad…as Israel is the only free nation in the Middle East. They also freely allow those practicing Islam to do as they please.)

Friends, I have also visited Israel, and have walked where Jesus walked. The Bible came to life for me, and it’s been a part of my Christian Apologetics journey. Christianity is true (our whole faith relies on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ) and I’m continuing to learn the evidence in support of it.

Lastly…look out for my tour of The Holy Land….video one is below!

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