Challenging the Idea That the Bible Isn’t True, Because Humans Wrote It

Challenging the Idea That the Bible Isn’t True, Because Humans Wrote It

You’ve always sought the Bible for its truth, but then one day, someone criticized you for reading “that book that’s written by humans.”

You pause for a moment, because you never really thought about it. It actually was written by humans.

Well, if you recall, we know that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God. You may not have realized it, but you already knew certain books were written by certain people; such as Paul being the author of Romans (and other books), for example.

But still, you’ve never been faced with this question before, so you’re not exactly sure how to respond.

Well, Christian apologist (an apologist is someone who offers reasons for a belief, and defends it) J. Warner Wallace shares three simple tips to help you respond to the person challenging you with this particular objection.

1.It’s Not About Who Wrote It, But Whether Or Not It’s True

Why should we believe Darwin? What about our history books? Anne Frank’s diaries?

“Can you trust any of the human-authored science or philosophy textbooks you read in high school or college? Every bit of knowledge you possess today came from a text written by a human. Even the scripts used to produce educational videos are written by humans.”

If the Bible’s true, then its claims should be easily tested, right? In fact, the biggest way to take down Christianity would be through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without that, we’re nothing. For a video on the death click here. For the resurrection, click here.

2. Take a Look at The Gospels

Mr. Wallace suggests to test the accounts of the gospels. This should automatically put you on alert. If something is a lie, you would certainly not be encouraged to check out the evidence and investigate yourself. He even suggests a few questions to help you put the gospels to the test.

“We should ask, ‘Were the New Testament records written early enough to have been written by true eyewitnesses? Can they be corroborated in some way? Have they been altered or changed over time? Did the authors possess a bias that would cause them to mislead their readers?'”

3. The Bible Predicted Future Events

The Bible correctly predicted many future events. Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, George Orwell seems to have predicted the future in 1984.” But George Orwell told of results that would most likely happen from certain acts and behaviors.

But when it comes to the Bible,” the biblical authors correctly predicted dozens of historical events related to ancient countries, battles and people groups.”

When we look at prophecies fulfilled, hundreds and even thousands of years into the future, it only makes sense to believe that the Bible was “directed by the knowledge of God.”

Friends, to make our faith truly our own, we have to know what we believe, and why. While we are not God and will never truly know everything, we should properly investigate the answers to any questions we do have.

There are times when non-believers will question our faith. In fact, 1 Peter 3:15 calls on us to be prepared with answers when people question where our hope comes from. When we have properly examined the evidence for our faith, then we can share it with others. Now it is up to them to decide if they want to believe it or not. You have done your part, and the decision rests in their court.

Make sure to download the Cold Case Christianity app (I have it!) and check out his new book, So the Next Generation Will Know. (I have that too!)

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