Lev Bure, 19, Preaches at Church, and Candace Cameron has “Mama Pride” (Video)

Lev Bure, 19, Preaches at Church, and Candace Cameron has “Mama Pride” (Video)

She trained up her child in the way he should go, that’s for sure!

Candace Cameron Bure, 43, was “beaming with mama pride” on Sunday, when son Lev helped deliver a sermon.

The Fuller House star took to social media to document the special moment, and invited fans to watch the service online.

Lev, 19, was one of five young people, which included Caleb Walden, Noelani Jones, Adriana Cervantes and Michael Johnson, from the church to deliver a message from 1 Timothy 4.

Dudley Rutherford, pastor of Shepherd Church, introduced the three guys and two girls, who each took turns sharing part of the sermon.

Hockey player Lev was second up. The teen began his portion by telling an ice-related story, which saw him falsely trusting another teammate who claimed to be the best on the team.

Lev’s part of the sermon was on the importance of deeds matching your words, and those deeds pointing others to God.

“When we have this separation [our walk and talk], that’s when we lose trust. That’s when we lose accountability. That’s when our words lose their meaning. Good news is, our speech and our conduct, they weren’t supposed to work on their own. Paul’s saying, ‘they make you work together.’ They’re supposed to mirror another just like Jesus. Right because, Jesus didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk and he walked it all the way to the cross.”

Watch the full sermon below, with all five young leaders-to-be!

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