Bethel Music’s Jenn Johnson Talks Importance of Theologically Sound Lyrics

Bethel Music’s Jenn Johnson Talks Importance of Theologically Sound Lyrics

Her songs are famously heard on Christian radio, but how important is it that her lyrics align with the Word of God?

Bethel Music co-founder Jenn Johnson joined me for a chat about her new book, “All Things Lovely,” and we got to talking about several important topics as well.

The Goodness of God singer, who’s father-in-law Bill Johnson is the lead pastor of Bethel Church in Redding California, discussed the importance of having her lyrics vetted through pastors and theologians.

In fact, her coffee table book, filled with health, wellness, lifestyle tips, a look into her life as a worship leader/mother and more was also vetted by a theologian pal of hers.

Jenn also discussed how she separates her career as a worship leader, from the calling of a Christian to have a lifestyle of worship.

The mother-of-five, who’s been married to her musician/worship leader pastor husband Brian, gave biblical dating and marriage advice to singles, including those who find themselves in love at a very young age.

Lastly, Jenn helped parents understand the importance of teaching their kids the truth before culture gets to them, and showed an exampled from her own life, when one of her children asked what God thinks about same-sex relationships.

Hint: Her response showed grace, love and wisdom wrapped in one package.

Watch above for our full chat!

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