5 Things That May Annoy You About Your Mom, But You Low-Key Appreciate

5 Things That May Annoy You About Your Mom, But You Low-Key Appreciate

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, so it’s time we honor our moms. Honestly, there are some things your mother may do that can rub you the wrong way (just like you do to her) but you’ve learned some very valuable lessons, and you LOVE her more than ever. See why below!

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1.When She Monitors Your Spending

No one likes a tax collector or debt reminderer. (That’s not even a word, but it’s a thing.) Helpful suggestions on how to save money are much more valued, and appreciated. Instead of just letting you know how horrible your spending is, you appreciate her practical tips on how to save money that are both doable and make a lot of sense. Now it’s up to you to implement them.

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2. When She Corrects Your Mistakes

Yes, you use “like” for every other word. Like literally. But your mom’s just interested in expanding your vocabulary, and wants you to get rid of fillers words when you can. While it initially bugged you when she kept bringing it up, your feelings changed over time. You found it helpful when she stopped doing it as much, and instead, explained why she wants to help you get rid of the habit. You know it’s one you do need to get rid of, and in fact, you two came up with a technique together to eliminate it.

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3. When She Gives You An Honest Opinion On Your Clothes

This can be taken either way. No one likes to be criticized every time they wear something that another doesn’t like. But, you love when you ask for her opinion on your outfit, and she gives an honest, yet kind, response. She’s looking from the outside, and can tell you if the colors or fit are right for you. For the indecisive daughters, she’s able to help you make your final decision. Because you’re her daughter, she might even be the kind of mom that knows what looks good on you so well, you trust her taste when she decides she wants to buy you an outfit. (Those are the best kind.)

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4. When She Reminds You About Things You’ve Been Putting Off

Initially, you didn’t want to hear about it, because you’ve been putting it off, after all. But part of growing up/adulting is doing things you don’t want to do, but need to do. So it’s actually helpful when she reminds you about that bill due tomorrow, the appointment you have next week, or those clothes that need to be washed. Sometimes, we need a little push, and it helps.

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5. When She’s On You About Your Work/School

You forgot to do your homework, again. You called in to work for the third time. (How you’re still employed, we don’t actually know.) But, while you were first annoyed with your mom for getting on you about your school work or your job, you realize that she’s right. She knows that your grades are important. They not only help you get into a great school, it helps keep you responsible, and accountable. Most importantly, we should never stop learning. Education and wisdom can go hand-in-hand. It’s often those that stop learning, that stop growing in wisdom.

If your problem is work, well, we can’t get through life with out it. In fact, 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says that “those who don’t work, don’t eat.” Laziness doesn’t build character, it alienates you from people, and can actually make you feel miserable. So, let’s get to work!

At the end of the day, you’re grateful for your mom, and you love her more than ever!

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