5 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Guy (VIDEO)

5 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Guy (VIDEO)

Just like women, men like to feel appreciated. But men and women are different, and need to be treated as such. Here are five simple ways you can encourage the guy in your life!

1. Allow Him to Open Doors for You/Pay

This can be taken in both the literal and figurative sense. Guys and girls are made different, and we should celebrate those differences! It’s because of those differences that we complement each other so well.

Yes girls, allow your guy to open doors for you and pay for your dates ( feel free to offer occasionally)…and thank him! When you thank him, it shows your generosity, and makes him feel appreciated. This, no matter how small it seems, allows him to be the born leader that God created him to be.

Should he get married one day, he will be the loving head of his household, as in Genesis 1. And while we might not be his future wife, we’re helping him become the man of God that he will one day be to his family .

2. Compliment Him When He Does Something You Like

If a guy is very patient with you, let him know that you appreciate his patience. If he’s helped you with your homework, thank him. If he is witty with his texts and you like his sense of humor, tell him.

Basically, let him know verbally how much you appreciate him, and never expect him to read your mind. Complimenting him on things he does that you like, lets him know that it’s something he should continue doing.

3. Pray For Him (Most Importantly)

Spiritual warfare is real, and women, we must be prepared to fight for our guy through prayer. The devil will prey on your men (just like he preys on anyone…especially Christians) and will attack him with temptation.

Pray for your guy’s spiritual walk, for that test he’s stressing out over, for that boss he can’t stand. Pray that the Lord protect, guide and watch over him. A man who loves and honors the Lord first, will love and honor you correctly.

Side note: If you’re praying for your partner, and he loses his cool on that boss, cheats on you, or fails his test, it’s not your fault. It’s not God’s either. We live in a fallen world, and we know that life isn’t perfect. We have free will, and human sin can certainly take over.

4. Compliment His Outward Appearance

Just like women, guys like to know that their significant other finds them attractive. If they dress well and you like it, let him know. If you love their eyes, tell them. If you’re a huge fan of cologne and he smells nice…you get the picture.

Essentially, be vocal!

5. Be His Biggest Cheerleader

Just like in a football game, cheerleaders know when to cheer, and when to step back. As girls, we should want to uplift our guy, and let him know that we’re fully supportive with positive decisions he makes.

He wants a college degree? Help him register for classes. He wants to get fit? Consider working out with him, or cooking healthy meals with him.

Sometimes though, a guy may have a tough day and not really be open to talk. Let him know that your there for him, and that when he’s ready to open up, you’ll be ready to listen. And actually mean it. If it’s hard for you not to communicate with him for a time, spend that energy texting away with your bff!

So girls, have you done any of the above with your guy? We’d love to hear your stories below!

Brittany Valadez
Brittany Valadez

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