10 Ways You Can Celebrate Now That Finals Are Over

10 Ways You Can Celebrate Now That Finals Are Over

Maybe you’ve graduated, or maybe you submitted that last paper at 11:59 p.m., 45 seconds before it’s due.

But who cares. You’re a free bird!!! (At least until summer school, or next week at your part-time job.)

Anyways, here’s 10 things you can do now that finals are over.

1.Treat Yourself!

Parks and Rec was clearly on to something here. Treat yourself to a personal pizza and cupcake. Pop on a Netflix or Hallmark movie, and you’re good to go.

2. Plan an Impromptu Weekend Trip With Your Girls

Get in your car, and just drive! Head to the beach, the lake or even to the mall, but definitely take advantage of the feeling of zero deadlines while you can.

3. Sleep

It’s been daysssss since you last slept for more than five hours. Those late nights at the library have caught up to you, so now it’s time to catch up on sleep.

4. Spend Time With A Parent

It’s always good to catch up with your mom and dad. They’re basically your best friend anyway (we know, aside from your sibling or actual bff) so why not make it a movie or mall date?

5. Do One Thing You’ve Never Done Before

We can tell you from experience; you never know what you could like, or become, when you attempt something you’ve never done before. And if you don’t like it, cross it off your list as “been there, hate that!”

6. Dust Off that Bible App

With school, work, friends, boyfriend, more work…many of us can put God on a back-burner. How bout making it a habit to try and set aside a few minutes a day for Him? Why not commit to reading AT LEAST a chapter a day from God’s Word? It’s not much, but it’s a start. Oh ya…and pray! Be honest with him and just lay out your struggles, highs and lows. He knows them anyway, he just wants to hear from YOU.

7. Visit a Friend or Relative You Haven’t Seen in a While

With all of our commitments, there’s so many people we love and promise we’d get to later…but never do. Well, now’s the time. We promise, once you just get ‘er done, you’ll be so happy you did.

8. Start a New Netflix Series

Ok, we’re literally promoting laziness, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit to the occasional binge watch just to GET AWAY FROM IT ALL. (Worst feeling is when the show’s over, though. It’s like…part of your life’s gone forever.)

9. Take Hike or a Walk

Nothing like enjoying God’s natural beauty early in the morning, or around golden hour. Absolute peace and serenity.

10. Enjoy an At-Home Beauty Day

Put on a face, hair and foot mask. Paint your nails. Also, put together cute outfits from your closet, and don’t forget to snaps pics of them for future use! Click here to see the best white dresses for spring!

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